Our Leaders

The Chicago Cruisers are led by a dedicated team of passionate riders.


Message from the President:
In 1998, a few of us gathered together to form the Chicago Cruisers. Back then we had two things in common. Our love of motorcycles and our love of socializing with those that loved motorcycles. It did not matter what we rode or where we were from. It only mattered that we had fun. We enjoyed going on many different types of rides and when we couldn’t ride, we liked getting together at someone’s home or at an event. We had a lot of adventurers and a lot of laughs along the way. The original 13 that started this group never thought that it would last, but we did something right back then and it continues today. Like a family, we help give confidence to those that have just started to ride, we support one another in any way we can and we have a lot of fun doing it. Our hope is to inspire you to be part of our family; a family of riders.

— Renate "Rain" Nietzold

Rain Nietzold, President

Larry Franklin, Vice President

Marsha Buol, Secretary

Tony Loden, Treasurer

Diane Gruner, Membership

Jim Grant, Member at Large

Jim Buol, Member at Large

Roger Jackson, Member at Large

Jeff Oltendorf, Newsletter

Kirk Hitschel, Webmaster



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